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In the midst of Holiday stress and (sometimes) over-indulgence, giving or receiving a health and wellness inspired gift can become a much appreciated opportunity to start the new year with healthier choices.  I have pulled together a few last minute gift options to help you give your friends and family the gift of health (or add to your own wish list).

Subscription Boxes
Subscription boxes are a great way for the receiver to remember your gift for months to come! You can customize the subscription to fit your budget or needs.

Mighty Nest
Do you know someone who would like more ‘green’ products to use their home but they don’t know where to begin? Think of Might Nest as your in-the-know friend on that subject. From ditching plastic wrap to upgrading from chemical dryer sheets to discovering natural deodorant that works, they provide all the shortcuts that make it easy for you to tackle one healthy change each month. You’ll be amazed by how fast the changes add up!

Little Acres Local and Seasonal Flowers
Here you can receive a seasonal bouquet at the beginning of each season with their subscription option. This bouquet delivery service offers weekly and monthly options in three sizes: small, medium and large. The flowers are locally sourced and the company is environmentally friendly, wrapped in re-purposed burlap with cards printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink. For now, the delivery service is only offered in the DC area, so this would be the perfect gift for anyone on your list living in the DMV.

Graze Discovery Boxes
With this subscription you’ll discover a number of new and mostly wholesome snack options each week. Then the receiver can customize the order to their liking. The snacks have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, no GMO ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and 0g trans fat. In addition, they are perfect portion-controlled snack packs.

I Quit Sugar
From the New York Times bestselling author, Sarah Wilson, this cookbook provides over 300 sugar-free recipes. Sugar-free is more than just a way of eating, it is a way of life. tI have truly enjoyed so many recipes in this book recipes but the layout, the handwritten notes and information about not wasting any food is wonderfully creative and interesting.

The Art of Stopping Time  . Who doesn’t need the gift of more time? This book from New York Times bestselling author, Pedram Shojai, teaches you how to accomplish what you want in life by being mindful and training your mind to transform your relationship with time.

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Kitchen Tools
Vitamix –  The Vitamix is so good, it’s on my list again this year! There’s not much this handy kitchen gadget can’t do – smoothies, sauces, soups and more. Worried about the price? Don’t! The certified reconditioned models are a lower cost alternative to a brand new one, with a full 5 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee, there’s nothing to worry about! The only difference between that and a new one is that it’s been used as a demo.

Digital Glass Steamer – what a great way to make a multi dish meal in one place. This glass steamer is a quick, easy and healthy way to make your family dinners! It has 5 pre-programmed food settings for perfectly cooked dishes, a removable 1 liter water tank and is BPA free.

Yogurt maker – Yogurt is an amazing food to include in a healthy diet. Rich in protein, calcium and probiotics. But store bought brands often contain artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors. But, making your own yogurt allows you to control what goes into it! Mix in a bit of raw honey or organic berries to sweeten it! Can’t have dairy? No problem, make your own coconut or almond yogurt.

Oil and Vinegar Infuser – Homemade dressings taste so much better, and are healthier, than store bought! Step up your dressing recipes with this handy gadget that allows you to create new and interesting flavor infusions to dress up your salads.

Personal Development Products  
Heart Math – Improve your emotional well being by learning to change the rhythm pattern of your heart. These products allow you to observe your heart rhythm to determine the state of your inner balance and emotional state, and provides you with guided techniques to shift and sustain the quality communication between the heart and the brain. This is ideal for those who want to meditate and enjoy having a immediate tangible feedback.

Self Journal or Bullet Journal
Although the digital world allows us to do just about everything online or in an app, there is no doubt that the pen and paper method is still a really reliable and effective method for planning and creating your life. This year, I’ve been inspired to start Bullet journaling and It’s allowed me to pull so many parts of my life into one place while also tracking habits and pulling out my creative side. The Self Journal contains a beautiful template for those who prefer that. Bullet Journals contain blank dotted pages.

Eco Friendly / Non-Toxic Products
Volcanic Powder Dry Shampoo
Finally a great way to use dry shampoo without all the extra endocrine disrupting fragrances and chemicals. This dry shampoo is all natural, vegan and paleo and a great way to freshen up your hair! Clays, minerals and botanicals combine to draw out impurities, absorb excess oils and provide volume, all while sealing in moisture and balancing pH to give you gorgeous hair.

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care
A wonderful organic skincare line that promises beautiful, glowing skin. This skincare line is all natural, Non-GMO, cruelty-free, made in USA with ingredients that are organic, wildcrafted, and have the planet in mind. Currently they are offering $25 off for orders over $75.

Back to the Roots Water Garden
This is the perfect gift for the eco-warrior on your list. A fish tank that grows a garden on top! This is a closed-loop ecosystem, meaning that the fish waste fertilizes the herbs and greens that grow on top, which keep the water in the tank clean. You get organic herbs and a wonderful pet with less cleaning and less water waste. What a great gift idea!

Charity: Water
Consider making a real impact in the world for people who can’t get access to clean drinking water by donating to water in their name. Perfect for the altruistic person in your life.

doTERRA Essential oil kit 
There are endless uses for essential oils. Whether you want to balance moods, promote faster healing of wounds, create a fresh scent in the home, or support the immune system, there is an oil for that. The introductory kit of lemon, lavender and peppermint is a wonderful small gift. Explore the other kits or create an a la carte order. Not sure what to get, reach out to me and I’ll assist you in putting together the perfect combination of oils and other wonderful doTERRA products.

Nutrition & Wellness Coaching Gift Certificate
From yours truly. Certificates available for discounted services –  $100 for initial consult (valued at $175), $250 initial consult + grocery store tour (valued at $400) as well as my 2018 detoxes and cooking classes. Certificates will be sent via email for you to print. Special offers are available through Monday, December 18th.

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