Feel healthy and beautiful from the inside out

Private Wellness Coaching from Simple Well Being is all about your personal journey to better living

There comes a point in every journey when we feel we could benefit from a guide, a muse, or a mentor. Someone to help turn the stumbling blocks into stepping stones. I get real with my clients, so they can make real progress. We work together to create achievable, sustainable and enjoyable goals, so better health becomes a natural, joyful part of your life.

I’d love to be the guide on your journey to wellness.


Private wellness coaching gives you the time, focus, information and attention you need to be sure you’re making the best decisions for your health.

As a Nutrition and Wellness Coach in Bethesda, MD for the past 10+ years, I’ve been helping my clients design their journeys to excellent health. We look at the food choices, nutrition, good habits and deep connections it takes to live well. I provide support, information, inspiration, insight and compassion.

Because wellness is so personal, I offer a variety of programs to give you just what you need:

1-Day Springboard

This private, single session helps you reach a personal goal armed with information, motivation and inspiration.

4-month Launch

We’ll chart your path to health and well being, examining food, movement, patterns, routines and realities so the healthy changes you make will work and stick.

6-month New Well Being

This program is for you if you’re looking for long-term success and lifestyle change, with guidance and accountability as well as true hands-on support. You’ll get all the tools, resources, recipes, plans, AND the frame of mind to achieve your goals and truly transform your lifestyle.

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Let’s start designing your journey to better health.

If you struggle with:

Your weight, cravings, mindless eating or skipping meals altogether

Workouts that feel way too much like work

Pervasive feelings of lethargy, discomfort, or feeling ‘not-quite-right’

Cramming an exercise routine into your already-too-busy day

Putting aside time to care for yourself, even though you desperately need it

Decoding the contradicting nutrition information that you hear in the news (Yes to coffee or no to coffee? What about protein? What about wine???)

The time it seems to be taking to prepare healthy meals, or pack healthy lunches

There’s a Simple Well Being Program that will help you:

Fill your kitchen with healthy, tasty food that you really want to eat

Learn how to nourish yourself – body and mind – eating for energy and enjoying activity

Sleep well at night, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready

Find more time for yourself and your passions

Move more, eat better, and discover your clothes fit better and your skin has a new glow

Embrace small changes that transform your life – for good.

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