Testimonials from my Everyday Champions

Redefining success is, in itself, a major accomplishment. This is often where I start with my clients. Not only am I helping women and families with their health concerns and goals, but I also help them discover that health is more than charting a certain number of calories each day so they can celebrate a certain weight or measurement.

Health is much more about the little things we do each day to take care of ourselves so life is a longer, more energetic journey. Through our work together, my clients become what I like to call ‘my everyday champions.’


Linda’s seminar on Family Friendly Health was a big hit at my house. She and her assistant, provided a wide-range of delicious, healthy, kid-friendly foods that were created right before our eyes – proof of how simple these foods were to prepare. A typical mom’s night out turned into an evening of healthy food AND fun. My friends left feeling energized and excited to prepare these nutritious foods in their own home. They’re still talking about it!”

Tamara Kucik, Kensington, MD

Linda’s cooking class are simply fantastic! She is such a wealth of information and the foods that she makes during class have become staples in my house.”

Angelica Rodriguez, Washington DC

Linda’s One Day Immersion is a great way to jump start or re-boot your healthy lifestyle. While I am a long time Weight Watchers member, I was in a rut and needed help finding some new recipes and a new approach to eating. The day I spent shopping and cooking with Linda was incredible. We cooked amazing soups, sauces, and breakfast and she gave me a whole individualized and detailed plan to help me refocus and retool what I was already doing. I still turn to her recipes again and again. When I feel like I need some encouragement or support, Linda is so helpful and never judgmental. I continue to do one or two of her 10 day detox plans a year to help me continue on the healthy lifestyle journey.”

Susan Schieffer, Bethesda MD

Through our work with Linda, we not only feel more confident at the grocery store, at restaurants, and in our home as we make choices about what we eat and drink, we look and feel healthier. An added and bonus was going through this experience as a couple. Our meetings gave us time together, without kids and other distractions, to just talk. We supported each other through any challenges and helped each other as we tried new foods and recipes. Learning about nutrition as a couple has made healthy eating a part of our home and our family life. Our three boys are eating healthier too as a result of what we have learned. It truly is a family affair! I cannot say enough about Linda, and about the incredible difference she has made in our lives.”

Mindy and Darren McCue, Darnstown MD

I signed up for one of Linda’s detox cleanses – a bit reluctantly. I’m a sugar and carb addict and I thought it would be torture. Instead, it was transformative. Within three days of beginning the detox, several people told me my skin was glowing, and my energy level soared. I’ve managed to incorporate some of the things I learned during the cleanse into my regular routine and I can feel the difference these easy changes have made. I’ve lost a few pounds and am inspired to continue doing a detox cleanse twice a year!”

Sarah Pekkanen, Bethesda MD

I love Linda’s detoxes because they are all about real food choices and are simple to follow. Her support and daily guidance is invaluable, as is the group community she encourages through the calls and private group facebook page. Looking back over the numerous past attempts I’d made regarding nutritional and lifestyle changes, I realize I would have been more successful had I felt supported and encouraged the way I have felt with Linda specifically, and with the group when I’ve done the detoxes. She truly cares about her clients as individuals, and she lives what she puts forth.”

Laurel Goeke, Bethesda MD

The food was absolutely delicious! It never ceases to amaze me how inspiring you are Linda. You make it all seem very doable and fun.”

Kristen Best, Chevy Chase MD

Cooking classes with Linda are a blast! Always an intriguing subject and a great group of people. Linda sets up everything beautifully, as though you’d walked onto a television screening. We go through the final steps of putting the recipes together, which makes it feel very hands-on and easily replicable back in our own kitchens.”

Lisa Jones, Bethesda MD

Linda & Simple Well Being is your simple solution to weight loss, better understanding of food and more energy. She is very thorough and her passion is very obvious for helping people eat and feel better.”

Maurice Williams, Bethesda MD

I have done Linda’s detox five times. I am drawn to doing it again and again because it is a great way to get centered and recommitted to a healthier lifestyle. The biggest benefit is feeling great, having more energy and a clearer mind. Linda’s support and helpful tips make it an incredibly positive experience.”

Meg Weaver, Bethesda MD

The detox was the best thing we have done for our mental, physical and spiritual health. The support and encouragement Linda gives each day keeps you going. The comments and support of the group on Facebook helps you through good days and bad days and the recipes are all delicious. The sense of accomplishment you feel at the end of the ten days is great.”

Karyn and Stu Tauber, Potomac MD

Simple Well Being isn’t just about nutrition. Linda helped me to set goals around work and relationships, and guided me to focus on the steps needed to reach them. I have experienced the deep satisfaction from this process and plan to always use this strategy in life. With great finesse, Linda works her style to fit each client’s personality. She has a very special gift and I would recommend her and her program heartedly!”

Donna Roberts, Bethesda MD

When I first came to Linda, I had recently lost 40 pounds and was an avid gym rat. Why go to a nutritionist? I was ready to tweak my diet further by eating for my health, but I needed a teacher. Losing weight was only part of the puzzle, and I had done it by reducing caloric intake and adhering to a low fat diet. Well, guess what? Low fat diets don’t necessarily include healthy food. Working with Linda I have learned so much about HOW food works for our bodies and since everyone is different, how to tweak MY diet for MY body. But beyond that, Linda is a lovely person who has a unique ability of helping people, not just with their diet but the health of the whole individual. What I have learned from my program with Linda has not only changed my diet, but in so many ways, has vastly improved my quality of life. Linda is an expert at what she does!”

Paige Schreiner, Damascus MD

The cooking demonstration Linda presented at my house was a great success. Friends of mine who are already avid health nuts learned so much from Linda that night as did my friends who, like me, are just beginning their healthy living ‘overhauls’. There is nothing like seeing a delicious and nutritious dish prepared for you in person. Watching Linda in action boosted my confidence about cooking and made me more eager to try new recipes. Hosting a class in my home was a unique and fun way for me to share Linda’s inspiring yet practical health advice with my good friends.”

Sarah Williams, Chevy Chase DC